Welcome at our student handbal society H.V. de Cirkeltijgers. We were founded in 1963 in Groningen. Since then our society counts about 100 members. We are proud to be the biggest student handbal society in this country. We are a society with lots fun, great activities and handballpleasure.


Are you a student in Groningen and do you want to play handball? This is possible at HV de Cirkeltijgers! Both experienced players and beginners are welcome at our club, we offer practice at different levels. Our practices start the 23th of Augusts and you are very welcome to join. For the period from the 23th of August until the 1st of September the practice schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday >> Men 20.30 - 22.00 >> Women 21.30 - 23.00.
  • Thursday >> Women 20.00 - 21.30 >> Men 21.30 - 23.00.

Our practices are held in the HG hall of the ACLO sportscentre.
From the 6th of September we will have a different schedule, we will announce this schedule as soon as possible.